• Functional Training at Push Fitness Colorado

    Be Bold. Be Brave.

    Push beyond the norm.  REBEL workouts are designed to be a fast-paced group personal training experience. We hit every muscle group, we keep the heart pumping and the sweat streaming.  


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    REBEL Personal Training

    REBEL personal training classes at Push Fitness Colorado will push your limits, test your strength, and build mental toughness. Featuring group personal training class in kickboxing, yoga, barre, indoor cycling and more!


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    Push Yourself With Group Training

    Group personal training at Push Fitness Colorado will challenge every major muscle group in your body. Featuring Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Circuit Training, Barre, and more!


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    All For Fitness. Fitness For All.

    Push Fitness Colorado has personal training classes for women, men, and children. Whether your baby bump is showing or it's time to show off the baby, Push Fitness Colorado will help you stay fit.


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    Get Your Motor Going

    Motor (Box) is a high energy, cardio conditioning class that combines kickboxing,
    battle ropes, and cardiovascular drills for the ultimate calorie burn.


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 Welcome to Push Fitness in Denver, CO!


PUSH Fitness Colorado is a unique Denver fitnessstudio for high-intensity, functional training, yoga, indoor cycling, and an outpost for healthy living. Our communal space practices fitness diversity and nutrition, creating a lifestyle focused on wellness. We value technique and safety, helping you achieve your goals by working hard. Featuring some of the best instructors to be found, we provide all the attention you deserve. Check out the studio and sign up today for an indoor cycling class, yoga class, rebel workout, or any of our other functional training classes!

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